Discrimination Lawsuit


March 19, 2019

Family files discrimination lawsuit against Detroit Country Day School

An African-American family has filed a discrimination lawsuit in the Eastern District of Michigan against Detroit Country Day School (DCDS), alleging civil rights violations, harassment, corrupt intent and gross negligence based on the student’s race.

The family claims their son, LaNard Graham, Jr., who attended DCDS, was asked to withdraw enrollment or face being expelled from the school after an incident from which he was cleared of wrongdoing.

According to the complaint, in November 2016, the student was in a car on school property with two acquaintances. A school director and athletic director said they saw smoke coming from the car, called the Beverly Hills, MI police department and approached the car. Graham has denied allegations of using drugs and underwent two drug tests that showed no trace of marijuana.

The complaint also contends that Graham’s two brothers were harassed so much as a result of the incident, the family was forced to pull them out of DCDS.

The lawsuit alleges that Detroit Country Day School, an elite private prep school in Metro Detroit, has a history of racial discrimination and intimidation against students and that witnesses will testify to these allegations.

“Unfortunately, what the Graham family has experienced is not unique at this school,” said Attorney Joshua Moore. “Our investigation has unearthed a long history of similar incidents. This lawsuit is as much about bringing policy change to DCDS as it is about seeking justice for the Grahams.”  

Heidi Lovy
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Joshua Moore
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